Carve your own stamps with Undefined by Stampin’ Up!

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Tanooki Mario carved with Undefined by Stampin' Up!

Hello Friends! Have you ever wondered how you can make your own stamps? Did you know that I have a solution for that? The Undefined kit by Stampin’ Up! lets you carve your own stamps and mount them onto a block of wood (or foam if you prefer clear mount stamps). The only thing that limits you is your imagination!

Growing up, I had a Nintendo and I played the heck out of that thing. I had only two games for it-the original Mario Bros with Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros 3, which was (and still is) my favorite game. About half way through the game, you get access to what they call the Tanooki suit, which lets Mario fly and turn into a statue on a whim so he can hide from bad dudes. It is probably my favorite suit in the whole game. Fun fact: My least favorite suit was the frog suit. I just could not get that suit to cooperate with my button mashing. It did save my neck a time or two in land three but I digress.

So the first thing I did when I received my Undefined kit in the mail was carve this Tanooki Mario stamp! I did a quick Google search and found this perfect outline of Tanooki Mario on Deviantart:

Tanooki Mario by stutheninja on Deviantart

Source: Deviantart

I’m pretty happy with the way that it came out but I learned a couple of things while doing it.

First, what’s the difference between using linoleum and Undefined? Linoleum is a bit harder to carve, in my opinion. The rubber block you receive with Undefined is supple and easy to carve into. The carving tools that come with the kit are super sharp and slice right through the rubber like a hot knife through butter. I like the carving tools much better than the ones I got from Dick Blick back when I was making linocut prints in college. Also, be sure to have a box of bandages in your house in case you slip and knick your fingers! I managed to escape unscathed this time but I imagine I wouldn’t feel a thing because the carving tools are so sharp!

I also learned that details are important to do first. I saved Mario’s face for last and almost cut off some of the really important details with the slip of my hand. Details should be done first because the rubber bends a little more than linoleum and thus it’s less forgiving. I managed to make it through but if I had to carve this all over again, I’d start on the face and work my way out. Here’s my stamp mid-way through carving:

Tanooki Mario carved by Stacey Lane with the Undefined Stamp Carving Kit by Stampin' Up!


Interested in Undefined?

Pickup your Undefined Stamp Carving Kit from my store! Have you run out of carving rubber? We also have refill kits!

Quite honestly, I haven’t used this stamp to make a card yet. But as I sit here typing this, I’ve got so many ideas that I wish I could hop off this bus (yes, I blog from the bus) and go play with stamps.

Until next time!

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