Shoebox Swap!

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Join us for a special event that puts YOUR CREATIONS center stage! Since this is a cooperative meetup, there will be no charge.

What is a Shoebox Swap?

The basic idea of a shoebox swap is that each attendee will create a card or 3D item and then prepare enough card stock for each member of the group to make one of their creation! Each project should ideally only take 15 minutes to create.

It’s up to participants to prepare all materials for their creation:

•  Precut and pre-score cardstock and all necessary elements of the card so we only have to stamp and assemble the card 

• Make directions for your card

• Prepare full cards (not just card fronts) 

• All components of your card should fit inside a shoebox (or similar sized box)

Participants will work on one project at a time and then swap boxes with another participant to work on another project!


• Please plan your project to be something that can be completed in 5-7 minutes.

• Please have all card stock, ribbons, etc. scored/precut, and provide everything needed to stamp and assemble your project (except tape runner and scissors) 

• IF your project requires special adhesive, i.e., glue dots, two-way glue, please provide this in your box 

• Please use at least 2 layers and 1 embellishment (buttons, wire, glitter, ribbon, rhinestones, etc)

Be Sure To Bring:

• Scissors 

• Your favorite adhesive 

Don’t live close?

If you live far away from Woodinville and you would like to participate, mail me your shoebox (with return postage) and I will make one of every card for you and send it back to you! Email me if you would like to participate long distance.

Here's what's on sale this week:

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